About the Captain


Captain Spurgeon Putnam

Captain Spurgeon Putnam has spent his life on the ocean. Originally from Georgia, Captain Putnum has made his home in Key Largo for ten years. Describing himself as a customer-centric maritime professional, he fulfills his duties with positive enthusiasm and commitment. Captain Putnum started his relationship with NautiCat Excursions as the private Captain of Key Largo resident and yacht owner Charles (Chuck) MacKarvich. Their partnership has been founded on their mutual understanding of fun on the open ocean, tempered by the responsibilities of the Captain’s role. Captain Putnum is tailored-made for his role as the leader of the NautiCat . With over a decade as a professional first responder, he spent time as a professional firefighter and paramedic before moving to Key Largo. This extensive background saving life as a first responder gives guests aboard the NautiCat a unique sense of comfort.

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